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Football Trivia Quiz Baton
Anyone who has somekind of football trivia,whether it is about clubs,national teams and competitions,please post it here...the one thing is...it's all about football trivia...thank you...

I think we've hijacked what started as a strange post, lads. We were looking for a new game and now we've stumbled upon it. Football trivia. First person asks a question. First person to answer it CORRECTLY then gets to ask a football trivia question of their own. Answers to be confirmed by person who posts the question. I think Steve and Mods can join in, but may be asked to act as ajudicators in the case of arguments, etc.
who is the only player to have a champions league winners medal and an all ireland gaelic football winners medal
O'Shea or Nile Quin
clue: there not irish
Wow! I've found the answer. Never guess that in a million years!! Superb trivia question, but if I answer it, I've got to ask another, lol! It seems to be true, too.

Oh, OK. Xabi Alonso.

What are the highest professional football stadia in England and the World?
its not alsono! or are you joken?

Old Trafford
It appears that it is. When Xabi was 15, he spent time in Kells, Ireland to learn English. During this time he won an All Ireland schools medal playing Gaelic Football. He is the only current premiership player to have an All Ireland and a Champions League winner's medal.

And no, not OT, I'm afraid.
Jesus fair play to him!
Wembley so
Nope. Pro side play there.
lol your namesake noucamp

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