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Frustration Release Zone
This thread can be the place where you release your frustrations and vent your anger and amazement at what is currently happening at our dear old club.

While we are being asked to be patient by the second manager in a row, it is not easy to take the fact that players don't seem to BELIEVE. They seem to be strangers - a team of individuals - unable to string passes together and bond as a group.

The slide started before Sir Alex left. There can be no doubt about that, as he won the league with a poor side - we have to be honest. But, and here is my main gripe, nothing has really been done to counteract that slide. Fellaini was bought last summer. He isn't the answer.

David Gill left at the same time as Sir Alex, but there didn't seem to be a smooth transition or handover period for Ed Woodward. Woodward has looked out of his depth to be honest. He may have signed Di Maria, but where are the experienced centre backs? Jonny Evans, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling are not the answer!

So come on, get it off your chest. What has gone wrong? What needs to be done to fix it? What would you do?

The only thing we ask is that you TRY to keep the language reasonable.

So vent and solve here!
My frustration is I don't know who to blame. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Back THREE or back FOUR??? The players don't seem to be able to work with the new system yet. Is that the new manager's fault or the old regimes for being less flexible? The confidence is shot and needs a massive boost from somewhere.
One thing that must happen, is that van Gaal MUST be given time. He has signed 5 new players, and may sign more. Have they played together yet? Untill they do you can't judge him. We are in a massive change both in personnel and system of playing. I'm not frustrated but anticipating a fresh approach to the side. I honestly believe he will once again bring success, If it takes 2/3 seasons, so be it. After years of under investment it is not going to be instant. As you say Noucamp "The storm will pass." KEEP THE FAITH.
A small frustration!

Danny Welbeck!!! We sell him to the Gooners and he goes and scores TWO good goals for England. Is that a mistake to have let him go??
(09-09-2014, 11:29 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote: A small frustration!

Danny Welbeck!!! We sell him to the Gooners and he goes and scores TWO good goals for England. Is that a mistake to have let him go??

And then he scores for the Gooners!!!
Oh, and another thing. Where is the leadership off the pitch? When United went 3-1 up against Leicester, where was the manager or coach reminding the lads for calm and holding on to the lead? There were some silly mistakes that might have been avoided if some reminders were sent out from the bench.
I think Rooney's red card against West Ham was a disgrace. We need a captain that can lead by example and not let his side down. I for one think that this is a good example of why he should NOT be captain.

However, when you look at the number of players who are either injured or unlikely to get on the team sheet on a regular basis, and have been at the club for more that 5 minutes, you are left with the following choices:

Rafael, Rooney and De Gea. RVP has history of injury and there are too many in the treatment room right now. What choice is there?
Just me is it? Anyone else????

Anyway, Aaaarrrrggggghhh!!! Injuries and suspensions!!

Ander Hererra has a fractured rib and joins the ever increasing injury list that includes Ashley Young, Michael Carrick, Marouane Fellaini, Jesse Lingard and Phil Jones. Add to that Wayne Rooney's stupid and reckless red card that sees him suspended for 3 games, we might struggle to get a team out, without playing players out of position!
Danny Welbeck!!!!!

Now, who is at fault here? Previous United managers for playing him out of position? Ed Woodward and LVG for selling him?? Frustrated that the former Manchester United forward netted his first career treble to help the Gunners to a comfortable 4-1 win in Europe last night!!!

I know he is a United player and we should support our boys, but come on! what a really cheap and silly yellow card to get! Think, man, think! stopping the keeper from releasing the ball will always get a yellow, as it is seen as ungentlemanly conduct! A stupid card like that gives no leeway!

Learn from that BIG mistake.

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