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Frustration Release Zone
I am sick to f**k of hearing Ragnick blame everybody and everything for the horrible form of the squad, not once have I heard him take any responsibility since he's been here, it makes no sense at all that a interim manager put in charge of a club for six months with the objective to secure top four finish would come in and try to install a completely new system, a system the the squad you have inherited is clearly not capable of, the descision to leave Rashie on the bench against Leicester gave us no attacking threat at all, that should have been the end of Ragnick all together, only looked a chance when RAshford came on, but he blames the players physicality for the loss, same players had enough physicallity to beat City last year, the plain truth is we've gone backward drastically since his appointment, I've heard him blabbering about how good Maguire and Shaw are for England, in a back three, well, maybe play to the strengths of the players in your squad rather than adhering to structures and playing styles which clearly don't work in the PL, team looked far more solid and resilient against Totenham with a back three, too arrogant to view the evidence clearly and adjust accordingly, I'm sick of hearing him complain about Marcus Rashfords confidence, it looks to me like Ragnick is playing some insidious game with Rashie, always playing him out of position, only moves Sancho to the right where he was brought in to play when Elanga is on the pitch, Rashfords strengths are his burst speed and finishing, play to his strengths!!!
How can this guy could possibly be considered for a consultancy role, he's showed us he's got nothing to offer and is far too arrogant to make decisions in the best interests of the club, if he is pushing for Ten Hag then United must go for Poch, he knows the PL and has proven himself capable of producing
I feel your pain - as all United fans must. I think this is another massive lesson-learned, where an interim manager actually doesn't have any risk associated with his role. If the team wins, then all good, but if the team loses, then what is the impact? Nothing. He stays to the end of the season. I mean, are you going to sack the interim guy for another interim guy? Our club is broken.

I don't understand, either, how someone who coached Pep and Klopp can be so lost in the Premier league. Love or hate those guys, they are probably the best coaches in the game at the moment and RR doesn't seem to compare. Square pegs in round holes springs to mind. I still don't think he knows his best 11 or the best shape to start with.

And, WHY name 2 keepers on the bench???? Why not give a spot to someone who could make a difference on the pitch OR give experience to the under 23 guys coming through.

I do feel for Rashford, too. Yes, off the pace at the moment, but stop airing dirty laundry in public. Just tell the press that the Club is working with him to get back to full fitness etc.

Can't wait for next season and this one to be over
Someone please tell me what is going on with our club? Are the Glazers Liverpool or citeh fans? In all seriousness, the Business model is failed and yet they still take £24m from the club? Until the club is back on an even footing, they should be doing all they can to reinvest. Reinvest in the stadium, the top table at the club, the backroom staff and finally, the players.

Perhaps it really is time to sell up and find a true United (or football) fan to take over the running of the club?

I just realised, there is only a minor mis-spelling between running and ruining!
Please when you get the ball at least try to look forward then if you all take on a few of the oppostion, Our dear GB will not be turning in his grave.
The Dutch football must be so much weaker than the English version. The style doesn't suit or work. So negative and no clear style.

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