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Glazer Out!
yes nou but i added "lol" Smile
sure ..... ill accept!
Well done that man, too. + rep point for understanding.
Liken my picture people Wink
Yes. I saw it just now. We like the burn Glazer effigy! Nice one.

I can't change mine again. I have mailed Steve.
Either could i its the size or the pic has to end with j-- i dont know...
?? End with J? Not heard that one!
No i think its jpg or somthing....
Oh. Yup. It is a J-peg. We'll see.

Did you guys see the number of fans in the United end last night wearing the green and gold? Only just started this week and there were quite a few. They stood out well, too.
Trying to get me some one to order it now!Aunt got robed buying ugs online to the famly are all suspishs Sad
I'll wait lol
how much are they agen
The scarves were £6.99. Not sure about Euros. Have a look on the link to the post.

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