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Glazer Out!
Luke Rowland.
(12-01-2010, 08:19 PM)DJ Dazza Wrote: I'm joke you do know if this keeps up we wont be in the Champions league with deducted points etc!!!! i dont want united to go like shity leeds and im sure there are other fans here that feel the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree
Just to try an alternative view :- When the Glazers bought Man utd they transferred all the loans/debts to man utd to protect themselves and probably felt confident that the interest payments could be easily met and probably take a wedge out for being owners/directors, this was before the credit crunch. What if instead of building a hate campaign which would only serve to antagonise them Man utd fans put pressure on them to find suitable investors to clear the debt and leave the money generated by the club to finance the squad . I personally feel that if the crippling interest accrued was wiped out the glazers would want to make Man utd the best club on the planet. I may be wrong ofc .

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