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Keith Harris, who claims to have a group of investors ready to buy Manchester United, has called on the club's fans to force current owners, the Glazer family, into selling.

Harris says he has a British-based group of investors, who are ready to buy United - if the Glazers make the club available.

United's supporters have always been against the Glazers' ownership of the club, but most recently have stepped up their campaign against them - notably ditching the club's red and white colours in favour of green and gold.

But Harris wants more, insisting fans should boycott matches.

"Turning up to games 10 minutes late and things like that just doesn't do the job," Harris said.

"The green and gold protest is fabulous, a symbolic and significant message to the owners. It is like the white handkerchiefs in Spain. But that won't force the Glazers to sell to us.

"However, if enough people - and I am talking about thousands - stop turning up to matches and do not renew their tickets, then that does it. The supporters have to hurt the Glazers in their pockets.

"They have to be prepared to take the pain of not watching their club in order to achieve a long-term gain. Supporters have to be galvanised to say, 'We will not come. We will not buy programmes and merchandise'.

"It's a big ask, it's a risk, but that is what must happen. The Glazers are thick-skinned and seem impervious to protest. They will not be impervious to enormous drops in their revenue.

"I would not talk about this if I didn't have full confidence in our ability to raise the money to do this. I never talk publicly unless I have confidence. Getting the money together is the easy bit.

"But we can't make an offer until the Glazers are placed in a position where they are forced to consider it."

probably gonna get some stick for posting this but, i agree with it even if i dont like it! the glazers need to be shown!!!

i doub it will ever happen either as like ppl have already said if ppl ont renew there tickets there are hundreds of thousands that will take them over most of which want them for status symbols rather than being fans of the club!!!
yea, but what makes us wanna believe u harris are better than that a-hole glazer?
and that ticket thing will never work, people actually LIKE to watch man utd play!
even if the fans stopped going the stadium would be fll as ppl would go anyway! i have alot of faith in what harris says but i think his methods are alittle out!
for every 10 that stop going 20 people would want to take their place
My concern is this "Is Harris wanting to make money for himself out of the club. Surely he stands to get a lot of commision out of a resale. Can he be trusted. "
However I agree that the Glaziers should be out
Whoa! Boycott United? WTF? That's just plain stupid! As you guys say, if 1000 people don't go, there are 2000 ready to take their places. And, if the stadium was empty, then that means Sir Alex has less money to spend as the cashflow for the club will diminish.

Surely, if Mr Harris is such a good thing for Manchester United, he should be able to put his money where his mouth is and offer a good deal to get them out and not resort to underhand methods. Getting the fans to stop watching the team they love just so he can save a few million is not right. This needs more thought, or else he'll just make enemies of the fans.
The situation with Harris makes me very cautious, there is something going on that we do not know thats for sure.
Why does he want MUST to get 100 thousand members, if he has the cash bring it to the table, now he is either stalling for more time or he thinks the fans wont do their bit, so next he say you must boycott the club (what a load of bollox) MUST's words it will de-value the club and make the Glazers sell, what a crock of crap really, I think this, if i am Malcolm Glazer and i have been insulted by the fans all along, i would put the club up for sale when i am ready not when they want me too and then say highest bid gets it and when Keith Harris & Orville come along with their offer, he will snub the fans to pay them back and sell it to someone else just for spite.
the fans will never dessert united its just not in our make up! i think he is talking about getting the glazers to sell and forcing there hand to do so, not that he is trying to devalue the club to save money, the glazers have proved that they are in for the long haul whether we the fans want them or not, so they wont sell whether someone comes along with billions or trillions,

i can see what hes trying to do but i dont agree with not turning up and supporting the club, its a club i love and have supported all my life so that is never gonna happen from me. but there M U S T be some other way of getting them to sell!
There is no way to make glazers sell united without a really big monney.

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