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How Stupid Are The Dippers
If united got knocked out of the
FA Cup
Carling Cup
Champions League
Priemiership-they dont have a chance in it!

I wouldn't be slagging any fan id have no right!
but the amouth of people on facebook tonight Dippers that is making some posts i laught at!!!!
Bunch of twats
We Had a Last 3 Good season!.we Lost 1 big players! our main 2 CB's nt available!so ths season we might Face a Down fall! but no worries! we enojy .. manUtd game&play!.What ever happen we will be empty handed this season like Arsenals.... hope for a Title!And it will be BPL.
My mate's lad, who is 12, is a dipper supporter. Fair enough. He used to be a proper Red, though, but his God mother is a wheel stealer, so turned his head at an impressionable age. I guess I didn't see enough of him to fight it, lol! He has a United shirt that I bought him a while ago, though.

However, last night, just as the bitters score their 2nd, he texts me and says: "ha ha, we're going to win!" WTF????? He's a dipper and he is now claiming the bitters to be his team all of a sudden? I simply texted him back and asked if he was changing his scarf because his season was over?? Poor lad didn't get what I meant and said: "No it isn't. We're only half way through!" Bless him. Out of the Carling Cup, the FA Cup, the PL and only got the Europa league, which has become Europe's equivalent of the Johnson's Paint Trophy.

Rather than upset a 12 year-old, I turned my phone off!!!
wel done Lad! nice of u!
other Team fan friend msg! me tat ..... sorry for te Loss! Utd played really well!and u guys will win home hame 2-0........... a real soccer fan would appreciate te Losing team if they really done well!
iam glad that we same some great movement from our team! i just thrilled to watch Rooney ... OMG! heeee is the Beast!
why caunt Rooney often play as left forward ROle... he so dominent ... while dribbling from left..wing!
He played better moving back a little and given that free role just off the striker. That gave him the option of moving to the left and cutting in or to the right and fizzing a ball across the box. It's just a shame SAF hadn't really tried pairing him with Owen a little sooner. Owen had 1 good chance, but with a bit more time on pitch, who knows...?

Anyway, the good thing is, I haven't heard anything else from stupid or otherwise, dippers fans. Maybe because they realise they really don't have room to shout at all!!
Noucamp99 send that kid a long msg of the differnce of manchester united and city!!!
I am just waiting for tonight's match. I know this is a United forum, but come on the spurs, lol! Oh how I will laugh and laugh (and laugh) should spurs do them. I wonder how many texts I can send in 1 minute? Anyone know what the World record is for texting?
Id say i have it Wink 30 in 1 second Wink add all the contacts you want man lol
All the best laid plans of man and all that!! The bloomin dippers have gone 1-0 up! I even found a stream (english) to watch it, so I could start sending him texts! Still there's only 9 minutes gone.

If not today, I'll have other days. Remember. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Muahahahaha!
egg him going to school hahaha arrive on a little bike and f*ck eggs at him LMAO

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