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How many of you...
have been told by your family or friends that they have seen you on TV in the crowd of a football match?
once for me
yep, i was seen getting david mays autograph lol
Nope. I spotted me in the crowd in the People on the Sunday after the 1985 FA Cup final, though. Does that count?
yes, it counts
Cool. Well, I saw myself in the Sunday People (still got the cuttings in the loft!!). I was directly in line from the cameraman when he snapped Big Norm having just deftly curled the ball around Big(ger) Nev Southall in the '85 cup final. There was me, my mum (she loves United, too), my Dad and a girlfriend all up in the front row.
lovely family potrait lol
No Sad
i was in the front row of Stretford End when we won 9-0 v Ipswich in 1994/95
so i was on tv a lot Smile

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