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How would people feel about a Hargreaves- Fletcher Midfield partnership
Hargo & Ando
Would have to wait and see how hargreaves does when he gets back & hope that he's still as good
I'd be happy with hargreaves with any of our centre mids, once he's fit.
sounds like a good pairing, but i think we'll have to wait and see. he might not be the same player after the surgery
good idea, fletcher has really stepped up his game this year
Fletch and Hargo FTW!!! world-class stuff
Not enough creativity in the middle for me with a Fletch/Hargo partnership. Could see it working in Europe with Scholes/Anderson/Rooney playing as a more advanced central mid (that's assuming we play 4-5-1 with Berba up top) but it seems overly negative to concentrate on stifling the opposition in most EPL games.
Hargreaves and Fletch be a perfect defensively and I recall Hargreaves taking some decent Free kicks.
Hargo is a beast. If he can recapture his form, SuperFletch and him would make a great pairing alongside Scholes/Ando.

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