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I hate to say this but...
unfortunately our moneybags neighbours are looking pretty good already.

I cant see anybody stopping them this yearSad
They are looking good, but the Premiership is a marathon and not a sprint, of course. Remember Newcastle quite some years back? It certainly looked as if no one would catch them and we all know what happened.
I wonder if Chelski are REALLY out of it already? I would love it, lol
Chelski are by no means out of it.
Just like you said, but I like to use Horse Racing as an analogy.

Can City players stay interested / motivated to go the distance?

I'm more concerned about our squad which is getting thinner and thinner before the transfer window shuts!
Yeah. I have to question just what is going on there. We let Little Pea go and sign a 19 year old, but don't let Wilson get a look in???
There are so many outgoings, we are trying to keep track in the transfer section, of course. Feel free to pop along and add your thoughts there, too:

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