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January Transfer Window Wish List
maicon has sed that man city are a joke! the only teams he would move to are manchester united and real madrid.

if we could get maicon for no more then 20million get him.
david villa and silva give them nani and 45 million and thats our janurary window big name's for big cup's! and silva and villa will be ok for europe!
but maicon will be somthing to think about.
just back the what vazza sed we dont need villa. villa is the same as torres if not better.
so your saying that our starting 11 would not improve by his talents!
he would give berbatov a kick in the hole let me tell you!
Except that Villa doesn't look like a ladyboy, lol!
what ya mean by that lol
Have you looked at Torres lately? Although he might arguably be the best striker in Anfield (oh, ok, grudgingly, on Merseyside. What? yeah, in the prem at the mo) he does have a feminie look about him.

Remember the chant that Steve posted?

'He's half a boy and half a girl, Torres, Torres
He looks just like a transvestite, Torres, Torres
He wears a frock, he loves the c*ck, he sells his arse on Albert Dock
Fernando Torres, Carragher's bit on the side... '

ha ha!
oo i wasnt think yea he's defo a tranny! haha .
hate that queer but lads he is a quality footballer he has soo much speed and skill you just want him on your team ehh Sad
He's ok, but struggling with injuries. The bin dippers have no depth in their squad. Maybe they'll sell him to Real Madrid later and have the option to buy him, refuse and we'll sign him on a free. Not that that sort of thing ever happens in the modern game, eh?
haha.yeh to many injury's for a big player!
villa is super what we need
lads lads you's are getting sidetracked here unless you's want fergie to buy torres
Nah. I was being ironic.
we definatly need a centre midfielder in the window

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