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Just A One Man Team?
Do you see the "little peanut" (probably got that wrong, I meant Hernandez Smile) being given a good run out this season? Will he get more games than Kiko or Diouf
I'm not sure, as he too doesn't have the experience of the top flight in English football. I guess he will play a part. Why else would SAF have spent out on him only to put him in the reserves. Time will tell, as always in the great mystery that are Sir Alex's plans!!!
Won't SAF have to play him in 70% of games during the duration of his contract or his work permit won't get renewed ?
He looks a good player on video , ordinary against England but scored against Holland . Let's see how his world cup pans out

His nickname is "the little pea" because his fathers nickname was "the pea"
it's hardly Gladiator stuff is it !!!!!

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