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Last Season/This Season
After yet another Derby defeat I would like to hear what other members feel about this season. If you compare the results against teams we have played this season to last we are much worse off. This season.... 9 points against 13 points last season. The goal difference is, For 9 Against 9 compared to 11/7 last season.
Is it me or doe's it feel better this time around? In the last two games, against Chelsea and City, I have been quite pleased with the way United have played, Although not the results. If you analysed all the games this season, I think that every game has got better. At least that "never say die" attitude is back. With a couple of good signings in January I can only see it getting better.
There does seem to be some more hope and even, dare I say it, Belief in the team. There are some tweaks needed, like getting RVP to play for the shirt for 90 minutes and sort out the back four, but even the new players show some desire.

I think the attacking frame of mind makes it easier to take than lame defeats with no passion. That was to evident last year. Set out not to lose against set out to win? I know which I prefer.

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