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Laughing at liverpool
Who? Torres?
[Image: n67741083552_5217.jpg]
LOL yeah torres little prat
Pink suits him, eh?
mmm yeah the knife would suit him more Tongue
Recent Flop Seven of Looserfool fc by Rafa Bikini-tez(lol hahahhahhaha)

The list is almost eternal but
1.Alberto Aquilani (sicky boy... and 17 million slept in looserfool fc hospital for half of te saeson)(he doesnt knew hw to attack)-17mil
2.Robbie Keane (he played well donno WTF Lfc and rafa thnks)-20 million(bt they got back)
3.Ryan Babel (another poor guys caught in Lfc trap)-£11.5m
4.Andriy Voronin (ha ha ha he rans awaw to herta berlin)-free
5.Lucas(hes xabi's Foot and called as his repalcement).-
6.Fernando Morientes -£6.3m
7.Andrea Dossena-£7m(hes also off nw)

Agger- his medical bill speaks XD

To be Frank Lfc doesnt have money to sack rafa(20 million for compensation) ...
sorry mate but i think alberto aquliani is a great player!! he was a great but and a player he could do with! the only player id take from them!
Torres fits in that colour!
Nice flower for him, too, eh? Maybe that would hinder his heading ability??!
i see he is on the way any way the scouse are getting funnier and funnier.

I say El Néno is gutted he didnt come our way then he would have 3 prems init
Torress insist LFC to provide money for transfer to support Rafa!

is Rafa says he leave LFc if torres was Sold!

if gerrard scores Lfc win!

they are called 3 ediots! YNWA

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