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MUP Birthday Celebrations
On 7th Of March ManUtdPeople will be 1 whole year old. We want to celebrate this great achievement in great fashion so I'm looking for you guys ideas of what to do to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary.

Add your ideas in this thread and I will consider them all.

Lets make 7th March a good Birthday for ManUtdPeople
MUP is ma First .. manutd fans Forum ... it special for me ..
i think i must have joined not long after steve made the site, it was through a bebo comment that i first heard about the site. cant believe itll soon be a year, where does the time go.
Early congrats to the site and especially to Steve for his efforts. I used United News, the precursor to this site. A year flies by when you are Champions! Time to get the thinking caps on.
any big plans for the anniversary
thats what im asking any ideas
Are you still in contact with the American sports soccer shirt guys? Maybe a competition of some sort, with a shirt as a prize? I guess that depends on whether people want to give away their address? Of course, we need a competition. Maybe a quiz of some sort. It's tough as we don't actually meet face-to-face (except me and Ronaldinosa!), so we all couldn't go to the pub for a party or similar.
Can you alter the layout here, btw, to have cake and candles, showing it's 1 year old? Like you did at Xmas?
Happy early b-day to the best manchester united forum on the net!
bday came and went I wasn't here that day ah well all together now.

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday ManUtdPeople
Happy Birthday To You
Wish our Forum Goo Strong in upcomming years Smile

Thanks Steve For providing This Great Forum [Image: ifcqk5.gif]

[Image: v6134h.jpg]

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