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wat r ur thoughts on's ot100 feature?
whats ur favourite? for me its no.91, our 7-1 rout against roma, what a night!
Just had a look, forgot how good we looked on the night.
It's OK, but wasn't really advertised, if you like. It seems to have been shoved into a corner on the main website. It is something the club should be really proud of.

I did post a thread on the mural, but I'll close that and drop it in here, as it fits nicely.

(10-02-2010, 09:50 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote: There are many celebrations going on involving Manchester United, to celebrate the 100 years of Old Trafford. The latest is a mural covering the offices on the East Stand. Work is progressing nicely and may be finished very soon.

Looks good so far:

[Image: 261d7gn.jpg]

[Image: ogc8r4.jpg]

What do you think?

Pictures Source:
#4 report that the OT100 mural is very nearly completed:

[Image: 2mqqcjq.jpg]
looks cool, wow there has been some change in ot over the last hundred years
and you have to consider the fact it was bombed during the war as well. had to groundshare with the noisy neighbours

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