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Michael Carrick sending off- wth?
ok, the first yellow i understood, then, at the end wtf? i didnt watch the whole match live, but in my highlights, what did carrick do? Undecided
he kicked the ball away after the whistle had been blowen
Pretty poor refereeing overall, the linesman were awful. The Carrick sending off was 50:50, barely a second between the foul and him pushing the ball away, might have got away if he kicked in front of him, if I remember right he pushed it behind him where no Milan players were.

At the end of the day an away win & 3 away goals ....... not bad eh?!

Oh and as of today I've stopped saying Rooney can't play upfront alone.
Carricks sending off would have been embarassing if it had been a ten year old , when will these players learn ? Very easy decision for the referee to make and very stupid for putting himself out of the second leg
oh right. umm, i thought he got sent off at the END of the game, not at the foul. thanks RambleOnRed for clearing that up Big Grin
the referee was rubbish european refs dont have a clue about football
Mind you, English players don't have a clue about the European game, either. They still can't learn that if you go near them, lay one finger on them, they will throw themselves to the floor as if shot. And keep doing it. We can't always blame the referees, as the European players have been like that for years and we must learn soon!
We have poor respect for match officials, tbh. We learn that from SAF! We should stop blaming them and look (sometimes) at ourselves.
Yeah I agree with the continental players going down easy part. I'm actually alright with the Carrick sending off, it's the linesman that I found incompetent, one Evra tackle that was called a foul was especially annoying.

totally off topic but is any one watching the Porto & Arse game tonight? Hilarious goals
hahaha .. fabianski butter finger XD
2nd goal was more funny tan first.. Arse Lost 2-1 XD

(back to mic Carrick)
Once again, the referee got blamed for the 2nd goal, but what quick thinking from the Porto players, and how stupid of Campbell and notsofabianski to give the ball straight back. Nothing wrong with the goal and to hear the gooners today, you'd think the ref had scored it! Classic!

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