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More Tevez ,Ferguson!!!
i think ferguson should play tevez alot more!! what say you??
Tevez is good but he cant get around defenders well and this limits him. But his work rate alone can get us many goals.
I like Tevez for his great workrate and commitment to the cause but think his time is running out at United. I am in agreement that he should be played more often but when Rooney and Berbatov are both fit for a big game im afraid he just wont figure. On this it is impossible to think that the club can pay the reported amounts for him to play the role he has when there would be cheaper options elsewhere plus Ronny , Kiko and Wellbeck could come in as cover too.
yes.. tevez is a fantastic player, but sometimes he isnt in the box and so we dont have a targetman like berbatov. because he is a fighter and not a normal fc.. Smile
But he would have been the better peno taker ahead of berbatov, sure he isnt like berbatov, but he will give 100% effort, and is an inspiration to the younger players, his work rate is so high, it sometimes is a shame not to see him first choice more often.
I agree Tevez should play more but I cant see Utd paying 32mil for him. Ill be very sad to see him go but I think its inevitable!
Totally agree. Why he is not in the starting lineup everytime is beyond me
Tevez should have taken the FIRST penalty in the shootout. Absolutely in the back of the net. Berba showed his lacadasical attitude with his shot. Give me the work rate of Tevez.
Horses for courses in my opinion.
I do too prefer tevez to berba but in some games we have to admit he may not be the best option.
Roo Tev partnership excites me more, but SAF is the best there is, best ther was, and best ther ever will be, so for me, what he says go's!

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