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Munich 1958
Duncan Edwards had the ability to be amongst the best in the World .

Tragic times .
(05-02-2010, 01:23 PM)andrewcmufc Wrote: i came across a tribute site

ill remove link if you think this is inappropriate

I don't think it's inappropriate, Andy. It's difficult to handle something like this in the right way, but it does look quite sensitive to me.

The tribute to Big Duncan is very moving, too. To use the Beatles 'Yesterday' just adds to the sadness.
A broken heart, a broken dream, A broken plane, a broken team, No words were said, a silent vow, We loved you then, we love you now The red flag will always fly, For Man United will never die Never to be forgotten - 6th February 1958
I bet there is a sombre mood around OT today. That is until after the minutes silence, as the emotions are bound to well up inside and can be released with a massive roar after that. I hope that the Pompey fans (and I'm sure they will) understand and respect the silence.

I'm sure the Munich Tunnel will be a 'busy' place today. Probably even more than usual. There are bound to be a few tributes made around tme Munich Memorial and Sir Matt's Statue. I know that whenever I get up, I take the time to have a moment there, even if not on a match day.

Once the tributes have been paid, the fans can let go and get behind the team. I'm not sure anti-Glazer chants, etc are the order of the day, though?
well the anti glazer chants are loud and clear
talk about tasteless commentary i just heard the term "overshot the runway" not good

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