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Newbies help
Please can any internet expert post here exactly whats needed to get to get the stream to work ie:flash ,activex what security settings ,what minimum browser and everything needed for sopcast .. we get alot of questions when ppl cant get a stream working and it would be nice to give accurate info.

PS I tried to put this in suggestions and help but i dont have permission.
Good initiative. The gold stream,, is flash based, so it will work on any browser and operating system that is able to run flash.

The Sopcast stream,, however, utilises a Sopcast plugin, which only works with Internet Explorer. To watch you have to have Sopcast installed first, then fire up Internet Explorer and go the the afore-mentioned link. Sopcast can be downloaded from

I hope this is of some help. I'm happy to be corrected if someone points out inaccuracies in my description.[/align]

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