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Newbies help - Rattylad - 20-09-2011

Please can any internet expert post here exactly whats needed to get to get the stream to work ie:flash ,activex what security settings ,what minimum browser and everything needed for sopcast .. we get alot of questions when ppl cant get a stream working and it would be nice to give accurate info.

PS I tried to put this in suggestions and help but i dont have permission.

RE: Newbies help - sigmundv - 20-09-2011

Good initiative. The gold stream,, is flash based, so it will work on any browser and operating system that is able to run flash.

The Sopcast stream,, however, utilises a Sopcast plugin, which only works with Internet Explorer. To watch you have to have Sopcast installed first, then fire up Internet Explorer and go the the afore-mentioned link. Sopcast can be downloaded from

I hope this is of some help. I'm happy to be corrected if someone points out inaccuracies in my description.[/align]