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Official FIFA10 PS3 League
Or, I'm not very good?
you are ...just unlucky when you play me Wink haha mesn mate. nah hes good guys
I'm gona get this for xmas so count me in then.
Hey. No 1st team match. No reserves. No Internationals! We could get a few games on tonight? After 7, when the other half is watching Eastenderdale Streetor whatever them soaps are? Any takers?
Well, that was rubbish. Andy probably playing COD? donlerz was in manager mode and no one else on line.
Any takers for tonight, after 7?
Bloomin' typical!! went on line tonight, looking for a match or two and PLaystation Network was under maintenance!!! I guess somewhere in the World, people are sleeping and it IS a good time. Just not here!
are games being played?
if so please report here so we all know who is the best and worst etc.
the hub play's up on me but one of my mate's sed he dose it a different way ill find out and let ye know if some have the same problem Smile
I think that Andy may be stuck into COD? I sent donlerz an invite for a match last night, but he maybe didn't see it.

I played a gooner last night and he was just doing tricks and flicks, more like FIFA street. It was so frustrating, so I just started kicking his players! It doesn't help getting men sent off, but that was the only way I could enjoy it, lol! I was losing 2-0 and couldn't be bothered, so I quit game (I'll accept a DNF %). Twat sent me a message calling me a pu**y! Blocked him and reported him, too, lol! No need for that. Worth reporting for the simple fact he's a gooner!!!
sorry mate i had the ps3 on and i was trying working on the cod site. talk about saving eletricty haha. o i hate those people that make you look stupid playing i just get the team sent of haha

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