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Our best Midfielder Partnership?
Who should start our matches in centre midfield?
Carrick - Fletcher
I quite like the look of Anderson with his energy and enthusiasm, coupled with Fletcher (note the 'T') for his never say die spirit. Would have Scholes on the bench, for his experience. Hargreaves needs to get fit.
i've heard hargreaves doesn't need t get that fit,, his fitness is good. its just gettin gback t playing football and getting used to it
at present I'd say Carrick and Fletch, but when fit it has to be Hargo and Fletch........that much energy in one midfield would juin ruin teams, especially in the euro cup.

off topic, whats the score with Tosic not being in the Euro squad? is he going out on loan?
id say carrick and hargreaves when he returns

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