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Pes vs Fifa
seeing there are so many polls for gaming i sed I'd make a football one!
Pes vs Fifa (drum roll please)

There is no dought that Pes has a much better game play set up then fifa for sure!But Fifa has a great Manager Mode with Pes has Master League witch isnt the same Manager Mode is miles ahead!
But what do you look for in a football game?Best graphics or best game play?

for me its Pes!!!!
ive always been a pro evo man but fifa is better so much lag on pro evo online and the ball touch is terrible its really bad this year. ive barely touched pro evo. I love fifa online and find its really competitive.
Yeah i cant play Pes online due to nat 3 Sad !
But mayb thats your connection witch Pes might need a better conenction to play or else its the people you chose to play lol..But fifa is very good online i agree 100% !!!
FIFA forever!

but nt fifa10 Tongue
i haven't played pes 10 yet, fifa 10 was terrible, i hope they improve for 11
GET PES10 dont be fooled by these fifa people we have here haha
FIFA 09 better than 10. !0 really a rip off, tbh. Nothing is better, as far as I am concerned. Wished I never bothered buying it.
Did play PES before and the annoying thing with that was the player names, as it wasn't licensed, so you would have Ray Mooney playing up front for United, with Dimitry Barbaratov next to him. Has that changed?
yeah united is an official licenced team. pro evo needs to get back to the gameplay of pro evo 6 then it will be good again.
That was rubbish when they weren't licensed! Some of the names they came up with!
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I vote PES, it has better graphics Smile

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