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Player Chants
rooney rooney rooney da da da da da
(keiser chiefs ruby ruby ruby)
Nani are you OK! Nani are you OK! are you ok Nani
ha i seen that on im on setanta sports
One for Nani

He plays on the left
He plays on the right
He looks like Michael Jackson
Before he was white.
I've always like this one

Yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutchman,
Get past him if you f*cking can,
Try a little trick and he'll make you look a dick,
Yip Yap Jaap Stam
well, Micheal owen is little
but we know he can score
and now he's at united
he'll score them more and more
he used to be a scouser
but we know they are wank
and when they win the league
he'll say i am a manc
stevooo were did you hear that is unreall hahahahahahahaha
you score goals, paul
always believe you can score them,
you've got the power in your boot,
that's indistructable,
always believe it!

(in tune of 'gold') Just cae to my head right now, though i'd share it.
haha thats like me signing ryan giggs runs yes he runnnnns that ryan giggs knows how to run hahahah
He's big, he's bad, he's Wesley Brown,
The hardest man in all the town,
With orange hair beware.
Come and have a go if you dare.

This is a good one

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