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Rio To Barca Or Real? Yeh Right!
The Sun today has an ‘exclusive’ which claims Rio Ferdinand is thinking about a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

“Rio can see the sense of it,” said ‘a source’. “Not only would it be a fresh challenge as he nears the end of his career, it would also fit all his projects off the pitch. Rio has big business plans, which are already taking shape, and would really take off if he moved to one of the big Spanish clubs.”
i wouldnt worry unless we won f**k all this year witch wont happen
i cant see him leaving us he lloves the club to much to leave
He might go, you know. I'd hate it to be anytime soon, but he might be swayed with the idea of global marketing. The Premier League does have great World TV rights, but I don't know how much longer they'll keep those. The World is starting to sit up and take greater notice of La Liga and we might see him test himself there. Remember how popular Serie A used to be?

We'll have to start a campaign for Rio to stay!!

I think the NOTW or the Sun sometimes gets some bits right. if they print enough stories, some are bound to come true!
he better not we need him and he knows we all love him it would be some kick in the hole
even if he did go we'd miss him more as a capitan than a player...he is replacable, whreas Vidic isn't
(09-09-2009, 05:56 PM)blah_united Wrote: even if he did go we'd miss him more as a capitan than a player...he is replacable, whreas Vidic isn't

Eh? All players come and go and as a result, must be replaceable. I agree that both would be big misses, but won't be around for ever. Youngsters from the reserves and youth can step up to the mark. We've already seen what Jonny Evans is capable of. We had Pique, before he went off back to Barca, so it's possible for a life without both.
Not that I want them to leave anytime soon.
yea as long as there able to play i hope there both at utd, but young evans looks really promising for the future
Sure does. Who knows who else SAf has up his magical sleeves?
Its bullshit

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