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Scouse At It Again
Liverpool’s European Cup win in 2005 was one of the most incredible moments in their history. It stands to reason that somebody would make a film about it and I suppose it also makes sense they wouldn’t be able to do so without including United.

Fifteen Minutes That Shook The World had its premiere on Monday night, attended by Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Rafael Benitez.

In one scene, a Ferguson parody called McTaggart rings a Neville lookalike, wearing a United No 2 shirt bearing the name “Rat Boy” on the back, to celebrate Liverpool trailing Milan by three goals at half time. “Rat Boy”, whose features were digitally enhanced to make him more ratlike, responds by singing about how he “hates Scousers”.

When word comes through that Liverpool have drawn level, McTaggart is seen swigging furiously from a bottle of Scotch, which has the words “Manager of the Month but not as good as Bob Paisley” on it. He then tries to put his head in a noose only to be thwarted when the gum bubble he blows explodes over his face.

It’s a bit sad that even when remembering a momentous occasion in their own history, they can’t do so without featuring United. I guess we should take it as a compliment, the sad bastards.
Still, we won it three times without killing anyone. Let's make a film about that and see how the scouse sh*ts like that!
f******n scouse
Build a bonfire....(you know the rest!)
Hi all :

I've been away, so have only just caught up with this thread.

From what I'm reading here, I'm thinking your treating Scouse a trifle too hard.
Come on lads, don't be so down on 'em. That's all the poor things have got, just their few fading memories from yesteryear.

Mind you, many of the younger 'dippers' have only heard of their teams most 'glorious moments':lol:, via word of mouth.

They are but 'Fables', stories of past, so called, 'footballing triumphs':lol: that have been handed down from generation to generation.
Unfortunately, each time these stories are told they get embellished somewhat.
Luckily it is the nature of the lavish embellishments that serve to bind together these myths and legends. Tightly woven to such extent that the embellishments themselves have become of more importance than their (so called) 'glory days':lol:.

Though, there again, without some form of record (such as the above filmic fantasy) of their distant (cough, cough) past achievements:lol:, there is always the likelihood that 'Dippers Dementia' could set in.
Should this happen (OMG), in the not too distant future, Scousers would soon forget to remember what ever it was they were remembering not to forget.

WTF !!! - What was that all about ? .... My medication is obviously not workingSick.
Hyltz. That was absoluteyl brilliant, mate. Your weird ramblings of the dippers delusions made me smile. I liked when they celebrated their 'treble'!! What was it again? The FA trophy, Johnstone's Paint trophy and Golden Balls on ITV or something?
hahahahahahaha love both posts from noucamp and hyltz

[Image: 2445092015a11803059493l.jpg]

15 beachballs that shook liverpool
[Image: lol.gif]

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