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Sol Campbell linked to a United move
The only positive I can see from this is that he has experience at the very top level. Way past his best, of course, but signed on a free on a pay-as-you-play deal might serve a quick fix purpose. Just to the end of the season to cover for Rio, Vidic, Evans, O'Shea, et all! He would be eligible for CL, as he is over the minimum age limit that prevented De Laet from being registered as emergency cover.
We do mostly trust SAF. We can easily remember Henrik Larsson, Laurent Blanc and Andy Gorham coming in to add cover and experience and we can all forget William Prunier!!
(10-12-2009, 07:20 AM)Noucamp99 Wrote: A good debate, so we'll keep this one going. Apologies to joey_matthews who created another thread on sol, but we didn't realise just ho much interest this would generate.
I understood, didn't effect me but thanks. Smile

The only thing I want to add about sol is that I think united should focus on their youths. Bring a few more through the system, save cash. It's about getting games, having people who inspire and one's self desire to do so. I don't campbell has much desire for the game despite the bullish talk about making it south africa.

Zimmer frame sol. :whistling:
i agree about focus on the youth but it's not just one defender out although Vida should be back on saturday.Even at 35 i think Campbell would do well.Experienced,strong and it only short term.We can't afford to slip up now and Villa will exp[loit any weaknesses in our defence or any top team for that matter..I never liked him because who he played for but i for one hope he comes to United.we need a powerful experienced no nonsense defender and he can still do the job,Sir Alex would see to that.
I think, for me, there are 2 main things with this.
1. It's really just paper talk at the moment, but obviously, it could happen.
2. Apart from Prunier, lol, has SAF let us down over the years?

This is a great thread and I think that Sol maybe could do a stop-gap job for us. He would work well with the kids and must be a better option than Carrick or Fletcher continuing long-term in the centre back positions? We WILL get found out, no doubt about it. I think in the Premier League, we could get away with maybe a full back missing, but re-shaping the whole back four, like on Tuesday? No way.
my point exactly about reshaping the back four.The problem is we have a regular back four for some time now,who know each other positioning etcIf it was just one young inexperienced defender coming in ,it's still dicey .That's where Campbell's experience comes in.I think he will adapt more quickly than a youngster .Sure we have to give the young lads some exposure but not now.Carling Cup is the time.Richie Delaet i think is the only one i feel comfortable with and he can't play in the champions league.The last game he played well but there were a few occasions he found himself on the wrong side of the attacking player.He is definitely one for the future.So again i hope Campbell comes even though right now it's just rumour.Has anyone out there remember any time we have had so many injuries at one time?Especially in one area,defence?
i was thinking of him when the way we are having trouble with the backs.
If he comes i hope we get the best out of him Tongue
if it works for owen it would work for campbell. sir alex dosent tolerate any crap like walkouts or hissy fits.
Well as of now no one from United has come out denying or confirming the rumour.
Thats the united way fergie always keeps the cards close to his chest then u get a surprise.
Yeah true

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