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Sol Campbell linked to a United move
for me it isn't a good idea... he is too old... he's got experience etc. but for me it's not enough. we need a player with future not a player that will finish his career in 1-2 seasons. for me the better way is to buy kjaer
Would love Kjaer mate...but doesn't seem he's keen on leaving Palermo sadly.
It isn't going to happen. SAF has denied it even came from United.
Oh yeah never really thought Campbell was gonna come to United.
No thanks, wouldnt be worth it for me.
I'm so glad that's sorted.
Sol was never on, for me.
I don't think his head is in a good place at the moment.
Before leaving 'The Arse' he had been making far too many mistakes, for a man with his experience.
I think age just caught up with him, the legs had gone, the ego couldn't cope and sadly the brain short circuited when he saw the hill from the other side.

SAF would surely have know what was going on there.

Just my opinion. FWIW.
Yeah mate too many complications for him to come onboard.
Nice to know you agree with me.
Fergie already said that it ain't true.
As Noucamp99 has already reported.

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