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Tevez or Berba?
TEVEZ!!!!!! Normal workin class people like to see grafters not lazy a**es, ive stuck up for berba all season,saying he'l get better given time, but , im starting to struggle now, he has an important part to play dont get me wrong, but i prefer Carlos Tevez!!!
Tevez!! What a player.
i dunno why fergie never plays tevez for full games!! tevels reliable under pressure and produces the goods.. if he doesnt get more game time he will look to leave..
Tevez at he is all over the pitch and never gives up.
after that penlty on sunday only one man tevez
Berbatov is a twat he got booed by united fans when his name was called out on the bench against Pompy on Wednesday.

With it looking like Tevez is leaving do we want him to leave and keep berba???

I don't
it all depends on the game if you need someone that needs chase back and work its tevez but if you need undo a defence it has to be berbatov
both re different type of players but over all tevez is miles better!

it's funny how alot of people have changed their opinions bout berba and tevez now that the lattr has left.
ill have to say tevez if you look at his first season compared to berbatovs the record shows, sir alex should have payed the 30 odd million for him he would have been worth it
yeah an that was when he was in the starting XIU

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