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The new MUP!
(20-11-2009, 02:48 PM)ihateutd Wrote: utd r sum team
how do u change name
dis site is unbelievable gud idea about da party

I would PM the owner (manutdpeople) if you're serious. Maybe you need a password on your computer. if it can't be done, then I'm sure he could delete your user and you can create a new one.
PM me if you want to change your name

send me the name you want to change to
great site guys....keep up the good work
Said it before, but site is improved. Seems faster on my phone, too. One thing, though. Would it be possible to add a 'Back to the Top' button on each page? Only probably useful when using your phones, as there is the 'home' key on the keyboard on computers! I have to drag the page back to the top. Just a thought...
there is look at the bottom red bar beside contact us
Aha! Seek and you shall find. Now I know, I can use it. What a good idea I had, then, lol. Thanks.
Hehe, we took care of that already ^^.
Yeah, I know. I was being sarcastic! Cheers guys.
what are the link's to the other sites Smile
Hehe...good to have a forum just for us United fans...i was actually searching 1 toi discuss stuffs and here it is...thx guys for this great work...

I will keep up with the forum as often as possible!

Go Red Devils!

Edited as I can't stand the term!! Noucamp99

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