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The new MUP!
for your first post ill give you the benefit of the doubt, but please stop saying manu
The link to rules on the first post is dead.
(09-12-2009, 12:23 PM)StuPot Wrote: The link to rules on the first post is dead.

Fixed....I hope. Well done that man.
good man mick only seen this now
Great new logo on the top of the page. I like the modern look and nice to see Where United fans is back, lol! Good work as always Steve.
I just want to say thanks. I now have a reliable place to come and get some access to all the games.

The Gold service for the last game against Villa was the the best yet - OK not quite TV standard, but lag free and totally watchable and worth the Gold fee. (Shame we didn't get the winner we deserved).

As it site here in the irish riviera at the far end of a piece of networking string I am just really thankful that I don't have to miss a game or have to resort to watching for SMS text updates anymore.

Good man and great to have a new(ish) person come on here and say thanks and not moan. Nice one!
just joined so cant comment on the old layout but in the short space of time ive been here really impressed with what i see. if it is goin to get better then that can only be a good thing. keep up the good work and thank you

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