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Things that you hate about football
The World is full of sheep?
I hate interntional football it's just a joke they should just have the world cup and none of this quilifying crap its a waste
I was watching football focus and there are so many teams involved in these Internationals that would struggle to give our youth team a decent game! Why not just do it like the cricket (yawn). They do have one good idea, though. Only the seeded teams are allowed to play test matches, so why don't FIFA say that only the top 10 or 12 sides play in the World cup? Get rid of the qualifiers and just play the occasional match.
Now I read that back, it sounds rubbish. Maybe I'm tired?
International breaks seem to take forever.
(12-09-2009, 04:49 PM)trogan Wrote: International breaks seem to take forever.

yea agreed I hate the god damm things
well qualifiers are alrite but international friendlys are just a waste of time to be honest
The referees and there hand gestures/arm waving.

Do they think the cameras are on them lol
And another thing! Players who clearly touch the ball last, immediately before it goes out of play and then promptly put their hands up claiming a throw, corner, goal-kick. Why? What happened to honesty and decency in football?

Oh yes, money! That's what happened. Greed and the need to satisfy rich owners or fat chairmen, chewing on cigars. The 'win at all costs' attitude sucks, too.

OMG, noucamp99 is officially a moany old git, lol!!
the thing if you get 2nd place in the qualfing group for the world cup then has to be put into an other draw!cheats!
Craig "The Rat" Bellamy

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