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United Agree Terms For Mame Biram Diouf
he looks like a raw saha, but he has all the right attributes, fast, powerful, good in the air and a hard worker....... should be a good prospect
After watching this guy on youtbe, I have been very impressed with him, looks very good and the air and a very cool finisher. Once again well done Fergie.
only seen a clip on youtube, but you dont get the full picture of his all round game. sir alex knows his onions tho
looks good on youtube! but can be deceiving of cos.. such as anderson.. sigh..
if he can score three goals in the first 27 minutes then he is an exciting prospect for manchester united
good finisher and another good prospect... but plz can we get just 1 more proveb signing this summer. we need a big name. Altho as we know at utd you can win stuff with kids.. proven already
good prospect but if he can be another Ole, then it is gonna be very exciting for the club!
has he actually, officialy, signed yet?
Unsure, I have feeling he may be another Manucho!
will he ever play for the first team. Another manucho

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