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United Chase Cahill
This would be a pretty interesting signing, good player, just not quite in the right team at the moment
just taught there the last thing fergie would do is sell ferdinand!!! he means alot the team and he love's wearing the crest not a chance of him leaving!
how old's cahill?
Thanks, blah, I've been waiting for just such an occasion (cheers Steve, btw!!), lol:
thanks noucamp99.

that was a bit weird, though.
23 ammmm near his best now ....
(04-10-2009, 05:24 PM)blah_united Wrote: thanks noucamp99.

that was a bit weird, though.

I know. Remember, Google is your friend and so am I!!
thats nice to know Smile
(04-10-2009, 05:39 PM)donlerz Wrote: 23 ammmm near his best now ....

I would say 27-29 is when a defender is at he peak, Rio about 3 years ago was the best in the world when he was 27 and Vidic is probably the best in the world now is 27. So Cahill still has a long time to learn.

Rio joined us when he was 23, and no one really knew who Vidic was when he was 23.

Megson recently said it would take £20 million to get Cahill, Im sure Fergie wouldnt pay that much.
Yea i think Fergie should get Cahill especially because he's english and with Ferdinand not playing well recently he could be a good replacement. it would be a good buy!

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