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Villa and Silva could be heading to old trafford
Valencia have today announced that they may have to sell their star duo david villa and david silva to resolve financial issues they have with sir alex the main man after them. if we could sign these two then we would have some squad and would surley make up for the loss of ronaldo and tevez
I hope this happens in january and i hope fergie gets a goalie and maybe Gary Cahill too.
he has plenty of money anyway
It said we were going to try to get them for £40 million in the Daily Mail, but that seems a little cheap.
Thats a duo that could do good for us.
Like both players, but if it comes down to choose one I've to go for
David Villa.
He's just what united needs in my opinion.
He will probably get interest from other clubs also, like Chelsea, City and probably the big teams in Spain.
It's good to know that Villa has told he would prefer a move to Manutd if going to Premier League thoo Smile
i would love to get villa, but he'd be expensive, and he's much older than other available strikers.

silva's a must though Wink
We are lacking in goals this year... a striker of villa's class would make a huuuuuge difference
this is what we should do....give them nani plus 50 million. deal or no deal Wink
Thats what we need, we are a bit toothless upfront.
Rooney palys well with a target man
Nani is a waste of talent, I think the club is too big for him.

(21-11-2009, 03:52 PM)donlerz Wrote: this is what we should do....give them nani plus 50 million. deal or no deal Wink
way to big for him WAYYYY to big for him! he would suit aston villa to the ground!

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