All games have been postponed until further notice. Stay Safe!

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Wednesday Internationals
Well for me Northern Ireland are in albania for a friendly. dont know much about albania but our away form is dire we could do with picking up something although it could probably be a 1-1 draw im not expecting much

England should win against egypt mind u.
think capello will experiment so dont count ur chickens!!
Rooney is Fit to play!!!!!!!
Y caunt capello rest rooney!! and try with someone!
Postman Pat is not really one to experiment too much. He as always said that the best performers in each position will play. Shame Wazza will play, as we need him wrapped in cotton wool, lol! Maybe SAF had a word with Capello, as they were chatting for a while after the CC final.

[Image: postman%20pat%20fabio%20capello.JPG]

Which one is which?
heheh nice pic Smile

capello take care of the head of the headmaster wazza Angry grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
jonny evans ruled out of northern ireland squad with an injury Sad
ya saw te news Sad .. it might bcoz of injury Sad
corry evans will get a shot tomorrow night though which is good
Ireland lost

lets see wat England donna do
Scouser Gerrard captain tonight. I hope Wazza only plays 1 half and stays away from injury.

England fans MUST boo JT tonight, as he has shown such arrogance in all that has happened, he has forgotten the important people involved; the fans. He should simply have apologised for all that has happened and I think we might go a little easier on him. Well, apart from United and citeh fans, 'cos we've always hated him, lol!

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