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What Planet Is Drogba On?
“I often sacrifice myself for the good of the team,” Didier Drogba said today.

“I don’t look at my scoring statistics. Have you ever seen any other great striker do as much defending as I do?”
two words = Wayne Rooney
drogba does sacrifice by diving

10 out of 10
He is the biggest prima donna in the whole footballing world. The pout, the sulks, the cheating and diving. If was half decent, he'd be in a red shirt. Just another money-grabbing, over rated, ambramovich lapdog.
Yep. I'd say unitedman talks sense with Wazza. Look at him last night for his 2nd team, England. Great defending from the front.
drogba's a tool
I've always got a smack of arrogance of Drogba. I remember in December 2006 when he scored a last minute winner against Everton, he claimed that that was the goal that would seal Chelsea's third title in a row. I don't think we need reminding of how the table finished in May.
Great player but what an arrogant di**
chelseas best imo
planet zonk
he may be chelseas best but he is still a numpty

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