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What teams/fans do you hate and why?
I hate City , Liverpool and leeds will explain why if this thread gets some posts.
Of course you do, you're a true Red, lol! It's in our blood to hate the bitters, the dippers and the scum from across the pennines, lol! I hate them, too.

Another one would be chelski for the strutting around like they own the place just cos they've got the village idiot's money behind them. You can be arrogant when you've won 18 titles, etc!

But in truth, add to that list anyone that United are playing!!!!

I like Spurs though for some reason. If I was from London I would support Spurs.

my top3 hates in order is...

1: Scouse
2: Chelski
3: Shitty
I suppose spurs are one of those sides that don't really bother us. They won the odd FA cup, usually in a year ending in a 1, but they are just there. Never shouting loud or in your face. Now, they're just a Pompey reject side, anyway, lol.

I should apologise to my late grandad, though, as he was a Spurs fan!
Scousers and the Leeds scum must be cos i'm old school but i hate them both with
every bone in my body, and i feel sick when i think about our last few games against
Scousers, God i hate scousers! I dont mind West ham for some reason thought, think id support them if i lived in london.
It's interesting, because PlanetFootball surveyed all 92 clubs in 2008 to find out who each team's main, 2nd and 3rd rivals were. It turns out that United fans actually voted for the following three rivals:

Man United 1st rivals = Liverpool; 2nd rivals = Man City; 3rd rivals = Arsenal

I wonder if that has changed much? I can see the arse swapping with chelski, tbh.
Leeds= cuz of the crap they chant about munich mainly
Liverpool=cuz theyre scousers
Man shitty=jumped up noisey neighbours who wont win anything soon
Just watching leeds scum on ITV and I SO want Spurs to win. I just hate them. Then, we all hate leeds scum!
Lol some nice replies I hate City cos of all the munich chants in the past and turning up to the derby with blow up skeletons and aeroplanes also becuase they always harp on about united fans being from london which is bollox ,if all the out of towners didnt turn up we would still fill OT with the fans that cant normally get in, secondly snivellpool the most boring team of all time in the 70's and 80's 1-0 1-0 1-0 etc. think they are the best fans when they are the worst for obvious reasons and they only stopped singing about munich after there own disasters and they nicked youl never walk alone from United it was a song from the musical carousel b4 gerry & the pacemakers recorded it.Yes its true we sang that b4 the scousers adopted it and lastly Dirty leeds the worst cheating bastards the football league has ever seen if your too young to remember the scumbags I recommend the dvd "The Dammned United" and the dvd about cloughies life , he was a bighead but he sure hated leeds (good film btw) and you will see why in the dammned united and yes the scumbag fans singing about munich.

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