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Whats going on with my account?
Fiist threads vanish, even though other members can see them ('what are you listening to?' is one of them) then i cant start a thread in the help section... What the f**k?
I think other members have had some problems with threads going and then coming back. Don't despair. Also, I don't think you (we) are allowed to post in the help section. PM manutdpeople or use the contact us shortcut for assistance.
Some threads might have been deleted, btw?
I thought it might be that the host is moving MUP around differant servers but the threads havn't been visible for about a week now and if steves' moving server its not likely to take that long for members to be able to see all threads... so it seems the host is playing.. also, dont you think its daft that members cant post in the help, support and feedback forums?
the host moved server without letting me know which meant I didn't get to make a backup

There was a 24-48 period where all posts and threads were lost. sorry but was out of my control
Its ok, I'll start the threads again.. shunt this be in the help section? I couldnt start it there.
same happened me, lost 30-40 posts last week
sure ya will get them baCk Smile
I cant even change my avatar now.. I get upload failed or invalid url.. Iv tried loads of differant formats, sizes etc. Will one of you (mod or admin) please add this for me:

[Image: image.gif]
haha thats savage lol

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