Poll: Will Mourinho finish in top of Manchester United?
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Who's after Fergie?
Who Do you want to see in charge after Fergie?
Steave bruce
Martin O'neill.
Reason: Look what he has done to Aston Villa!
would like to see an ex united player, but none have really excelled in managerment lately, maybe our old no2 carlos Q. or gordan strachen.
an expereniced sucessful new manager may be a better choice
I would say steve bruce........he has premier league experience and has done wonders with the wigan team and also has the eye for young players......look @ valencia and palacios grow leaps and bound @ wigan!!
A new manager? Unthinkable, lol
i think Queiroz would do just fine unless we need a manager with big ego then i'd say mourinho
I really want Mourinho.

I'll probably be killed for saying that...but he did a superb job at chelsea, and he's not horrible at inter.

He can handle the spotlight, and he's young...he can keep the job for years like Sir Alex...and consistency is good.
Martin O'neill - record speaks for itself
steve bruce.take it or leave it.he has done well wherever he has been when you take his financial limitation into consideration.Imagine him on board the UNITED train with a far better financial backing.i think you would do well having learned a lot from his glorious days at old trafford and beyond.

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