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(25-08-2009, 07:36 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: i do think it is annoying when they are in the middle of the row and they want about 20 to stand up and let them by does frustrate me

That's the real bug with me when they leave early and we all have to get up, sit down, get up again! Still, if there are places they need to be - like with getting the kids home - I still only kind of get it.

When we were at the Community Shield, people were even leaving when the pens were due to start!! Not many, but still left. I know they are nail-biting, but (let's out a scream of frustration!!) WHY?

I like the "Stand up for the Champions" to get by the no standing rule, especially when the opposition fans are standing!!
yea thats true

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