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o cool . id be interessed to learn about all the hindhu gods etc. Smile
ill tell every thing.......
(03-12-2009, 04:06 PM)donlerz Wrote: more info is much better than none Smile ..
what part of ireland andy

set up a thread in other about hindhiu Smile

donegal. my family came from there,
O'Donnell ehhh Wink
oh boy plenty of them about
i was up there 3 years ago . with my gran aunt she owns a holiday home there. full of buy racers lol. nice doe!
sorry dont to that.... i may be abused .. Sad being an Indian/hindhu i dont know why ? Sad

i can tell ma culture and god n private or PM ..
yeah ok do it uf you want to Smile

mate no1 will abuse you!!!!! you're a united fan. u stay ative. we dont tolerate any of that behaviour
isnt that right lads!Smile
were about were ya
amm personaly dont know mate. near the moutains. went hunting and quading Smile great fun. (loved it) have you ever being in tipp Smile

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