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And then there are the UK versions that were created for our delicate pallettes.

I am not a fan of the strong stuff. I like Byriani, Korma, Tikka, Massala, but I do eat the hot one with the poppadoms!
hehe .. k biriyani,panner butter masala

no one tryed saambar with idly or doasai ? Sad

ill suggest u food:
ask for
gobi manchurean
masala doasai
masala vadai(like burger)-snack
i eat bombayalu,chicken baulti,popadons,nam breat,tikka,korma and had a vindalue in manchester yummmmmmyy very hot doe
nothing worse than going out for a night on the guiness and eating a curry after, the next mornings a killer

do the pubs and clubs be open on xmas day over there mick?
Some pubs will be open Christmas Day, but not very many at all. No clubs. I doubt any will be open Boxing Day, either.

I am so lucky. Due to reduced hours at work, my last day for the break will be the 17th!! Back on the 4th of Jan.

So, how is it in Ireland?
with the pubs lol . all open chrismas day haha id say. the country will do anything for money mate
Yeah, your country is in the grips of the worst recession on record. The World Cup finals would have given the economy a terrific boost. Still, let your hair down at Christmas and forget about it.
ah yea better not effect my prezies haha.
ah FIFA dont care about us and i dont care about them!
donlerz, the pubs cant open till midnight, which is into boxing day. any pub that opens xmas day wont be open again
Really?? The law is that tough? Wow! Like I said, a few open during the day. Some even offer a Christmas dinner for the lazy drinkers!

Mind you, it's not cheap. Here's one I prepared earlier!!

To Start

Parsnip Soup with warm bread roll & butter
Tomato & Basil Soup with warm bread roll & butter
Prawn Cocktail with bread & butter

Main Course (served from the carvery)

Served with full Seasonal trimmings


Christmas Pudding
Mince Pies
Sherry Trifle
Ice Cream
Served with custard, cream or brandy butter

Adults - £32.50
Children (under 12) - £17.00

So, a family of 5, assuming 2 kids under 12 would cost £131.50!! And that's not counting the beer, wine, egg-nog, etc. I'm off to the outlaws!

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