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Good old Essex boy, Olly. Mebbe get him and Stacey to duet!!?
i hate that gorgey cuoire boy .some state, , , ,

stacey is rotten but would kick her out of bed for eating salt and vinager crips lol
I see in the Sun (it must be true!!) that an Irish phone company tried to set up a phoneline routed through London to allow the Irish to vote for jedward. I say let the Irish have their own competition and you can be 'entertained' by those 2 twats as long as you like. No offence.

X FACTOR bosses last night stopped a phoneline loophole that would have allowed Irish fans to vote for Jedward.
The Grimes twins have been without home support as calls to the show's voting lines cannot be accessed from outside Britain.

But a firm this week set up a legal exchange that routes calls through London to the premium rate voting phone numbers.

Furious John and Edward haters claimed online it was a FIX to aid them.

But the firm which handles votes stepped in last night and will NOT count any made from the Republic of Ireland.

Half a million Irish fans who watch the show there on TV3 were urged not to call the numbers listed on a website by telecom firm Swiftcall.

UK fans were furious after hearing about the loophole. One posted: "I have a novel idea - why don't Irish TV host their own X Factor.

"I'd gladly give them back J&E. They can then vote to their hearts' content."


The Grimes twins' mentor Louis Walsh has blasted the fact that the 18-year-olds, who are 8/1 to win, cannot get home votes like rivals.

He said: "It's ridiculous. I'd be far more confident of keeping the twins in if we had a vote in Ireland. They have huge support here."

A spokesperson for Harvest Media Group, which runs the X Factor phone lines, said: "BT and other originating network providers block callers from outside the UK from calling UK premium rate numbers.

"We have put measures in place to recognise calls from southern Ireland which will be excluded from the vote."

get them twats of there giving us a bad name!
(21-11-2009, 09:41 AM)donlerz Wrote: i hate that gorgey cuoire boy .some state, , , ,

stacey is rotten but would kick her out of bed for eating salt and vinager crips lol


your saying if she bent over in front of you, you wouldn't ride her

I would bend her over and give it to her no bother shes a lil sexy thing.

what you on bout?
ah there's alot better shes like that moose leona luis .
yea leona is a moose isnt she haha

anyway who will go out tonight?
my bet is on bender boy joe
get rid of that Lloyd kiddy

Olly to win i reckon
olly is super ehhh

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