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I hope that some major diaster befalls ITV and they have to pull the plug on the whole show! Get shot of the lot of them! Does my nut in!

Oh, and while we're about it, get rid of "I'm a Non-Entity, Give me some Airtime!"
sat what?
Eh? Get rid of the so-called reality TV progs!
haha. orii
haha oly and the queers
Who cares, tbh? I'm going to watch the rain, it's more interesting, lol!!
haha. sum laugh if them prats bet olly lol
My fiancee is close to dancing round the living room. She hates those twats and now they're out.

Do you mind if we send them back to you and take their passports away, lol?
it was obvious they were going once we seen the bottom 2
Unless of course, Dannii said send it to dead lock and let the public decide. I can see them twats having higher votes than Olly!

Still, no matter. Ireland can have one of it's worst exports back now. The jokes over, eh.
final tonight just about to start who will win?

heart says stacey
head says joe PUFFFFFFFFFF

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