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easy win
Can relax now and enjoy the weekend,job done,Newcastle will be up for it tomorrow,i predict a shock 0-2 result,then i can really party the way us Irish reds can.
If Newcastle do somehow manage to turn the Scousers over tomorrow which i doubt we could probably win the leauge next week against Ciddy?We would be 9 points clear if we beat them with 3 games to play?How nice would that be!Of course we would need another point to seal it but it would also mean the bluenoses would not qualify for Europe next season and also their chances of landing any big names in the Summer as the top players understandably want to compete in European competition.Double incentive!!!.
Newcastle are shite not going to win Wink
Well that was a bollicks of a forcast,my first on this forum,think i`ll keep quiet in future when it comes to results,positive,season goes on longer,we don`t need them to go on the piss before a European cup final...did i just make another forcast
I had a tenner on Newcastle to win 2-0 they could of made me a rich man with the odds I got LOL maybe next time
Scum won 3-0 not to worry were still going to win the league AGAIN the match against boro was good nice to c Park scoring after all the work he has done for us all season
mixed feelings,did`nt want Liverpool to win of course!,but can`t stand Shearer,Keano should have knocked him out years ago,he`ll get his chance next season if Shearer says at newcastle,in the championship!!
newcastle have been relegated
what was the point in commenting on that now, we all know that

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