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john terry V Vanessa Perroncel V Wayne Bridge
Wayne Bridges ex must have been a goalpost in Moscow, because John Terry Hit that    
Lol ..... world cup year and there was that training ground scandal and now this. He might just get stripped of the England captaincy.

[Image: article-0-0157DF9600000578-60_233x3.jpg]
ya.. cappelo considering it! ... He has to be striped of england captancy! who blows team morale!
He alwasy thnks he is evrythng!
next captain might be,., Franky,Rooney,Rio,Gerrard!
I wish RIo to be the next captain
John Terry in sex scandal with team-mate's WAG

Chelsea and England captain John Terry is at the centre of a storm of controversy surrounding his personal life after he reportedly had an affair with the girlfriend of international team-mate Wayne Bridge, jeopardising his England captaincy and throwing Fabio Capello's World Cup plans into disarray.

Chelsea captain John Terry faces serious questions about his role as England captain after he was named as having an affair with the ex-girlfriend of team-mate Wayne Bridge.

The England international defender is alleged to have cheated behind his wife’s back with Vanessa Perroncel.

The England captain married Toni Poole in 2007, while Bridge is understood to have split with French-born underwear model Perroncel at the end of last year.

Terry had won a gagging order stopping the public learning about the affair but the injunction was lifted today.

Bridge and his ex girl Vanessa Perroncel
[Image: 34eu8ti.png]
wot an ass Big Grin
she is one fit mama

[Image: Vanessa_Perroncel.jpg]

[Image: vanessa.jpg]
wooooooah, for once i agree with terry
JT seems to be suffering a bit, what with his ma in law on the rob before, too (allegedly).
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Bang out of order...(She is fit thoughWinkbut if it was my mates missus....nah....BROS BEFORE HOES!!)
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poor wayne bridge, not even first choice with the missus either

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