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man utd ps3 and wii covers
lol i cant decide if i want ps3 one or the laptop skin
If you've got both, then the world is your oyster. Collect the whole set!
do they have any manutd xbox 360 covers
i would say not. xbox is very big but google it mate
they have everything just search in ebay,

The chair is only my laptop table sort of thing I never sit in it haha

I got the cover off some guy in Hong Kong for 1.50 just keep searching on ebay till you find one, theres a few crappy yellow ones and the one I have is hard to find.
might get one later
i could only find a few laptop ones? some selling them for £12, cheapest could find was these ones.
they are £6 where did you find the ones from hong kong?
them rooney ones are classic!
yeah thats what i thought. might have rooney one!
the last one with him in the red pain

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