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man utd ps3 and wii covers
i prefer the other one with him celebrating, saying that like them all.
evan the city one :O:O:O haha only messen ino what you mean mate
is anyone gonna get one
I showed mrs noucamp and she said she wasn't sure. PS3 in the front room. I can't see the issue?!
she must be a liverpool fan lol
OH NO! Take that back. She is a fellow Red. We did go to Anfield once, but that was a work-based freebie involving Roma and a match under lights.

She loves going to OT, tbh.
lol you have er well trained
yeah thats the best thing iv herd ever!!!!! your wife not only like football but ManUtd too!!!
fair play
plenty of women would'nt like footy
I've now got rid of the old video recorder (remember those?) and the really old DVD player, which has been replaced with a slimline one and that means the PS3 is now standing up in the bottom of the unit. It does look quite smart in there, but I'm not sure if the skins would work on it with it standing up. Were there any suitable, guys?

I know, lmgtfy, Steve!!

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